Scottish Islands Explorer // Issue 133

Scottish Islands Explorer

Scottish Islands Explorer is great for anyone interested in Scotland's islands. They attract visitors for their landscapes, seascapes, history, language, culture and wildlife. The magazine has wide appeal with full-length articles, short pieces, personal insights, topical matters and events - and loads of photographs. Whether you anticipate seeing places on your travels or just want to read about the Northern and Western Isles and those in the Clyde region – along with the intriguing ‘Outliers’ which include double World Heritage site St Kilda and truly remote Rockall – this is the magazine for you.


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    Issue 133
    Publication Date: 22 January 2022


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About Scottish Islands Explorer

  • From the publisher

    This magazine is essential reading for anyone interested in the Scottish islands, a unique part of Britain. Its in-depth articles and focused items are a great preparation for going there or a fine way of experiencing these compelling places at home

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