Practical Electronics // Issue 137

Practical Electronics

Practical Electronics (PE) is the No. 1 UK magazine for hobby electronics enthusiasts everywhere. Each month’s issue is packed with practical constructional projects for the hobbyist, special features, advice and adverts from specialist electronics suppliers and more besides.

There’s something to appeal to audio, radio, automotive, home, test equipment, marine and many more interests. Microcontroller fans will enjoy our PICmicro projects and free source codes are usually downloadable too.

PE also sells specialist electronics software, CD ROMs, books, project PCBs and more in our Online Shop.
Whether you’re an electronics novice, student, amateur electronics enthusiast, semi-pro or technician, PE will have something for you.

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    Issue 137
    Publication Date: 01 April 2021

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About Practical Electronics

  • From the publisher

    Every issue is packed with ideas, theory and projects for you to build, with full circuit diagrams, printed circuit board layouts, artwork and photos. If you're interesting in learning more about electronics and computing, then Everyday Practical Electronics is bound to have something of interest to you.

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