Instant Expert iPad mini // Issue 1

Instant Expert iPad mini

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There have been plenty of imitators, but no tablet can match the iPad for sheer style or performance. With the launch of the iPad mini, Apple has made it more convenient, more portable and more affordable than ever before. The all-new iPad Mini with Retina display is cooler and sleeker than ever. Its dazzling 7.9” retina screen makes everything from games to movies look incredible.

The Instant Expert Guide To iPad mini contains everything users need to know to get the most out of this amazing device. There’s an in-depth feature on iOS 7 – the operating system that powers the iPad – as well as a look at the hardware that makes it all work.

The comprehensive tutorials, written in plain English, will enable even the most inexperienced users to get to grips with the iPad mini’s many features, both basic and advanced. The guide is aimed at new and experienced users alike with a wealth of tips, tricks and more.

•       All the iPad mini’s features explained

•       A wealth of detailed tutorials

•       The best apps from the App Store

•       A guide to the most essential games for the iPad


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