Essential Series iPhone 7 // Issue 1

Essential Series iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 features an all-new, multifunctional Home button to replace the out-moded Home button of previous models. It also features for the first time a dual camera capable of capturing brighter, more detailed images than ever before. The bookazine will look at both these new features in detail, as well as all the other significant hardware upgrades.

All that hardware needs software to power it, and iPhone 7 will launch with the all-new iOS 10. The features and tutorials cover everything users need to know about the new operating system.

The Essential Series iPhone 7 bookazine explains how to set up your new iPhone 7. Expertly-written tutorials take users through all the iPhone 7’s major functions; covering the basics for beginners and also the deeper, complex and powerful functionality that will enable experienced users to unlock the full potential of the iPhone 7.

•  All of iOS 10’s new features explained

• In-depth tutorials explain all the important functions of the iPhone 7

• In-depth features on all the new hardware

• Dozens of tips and tricks

• Top app recommendations from the App Store

• All the best iOS games


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