Essential Series Galaxy S5 // Issue 1

Essential Series Galaxy S5

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The Essential Series Samsung Galaxy S5 bookazine provides a complete overview of all the S5’s essential features. We take users through the initial set-up process and we have in-depth tutorials on how to make the most of all the device’s most important features and functions.

We look at all aspects of the device from entertainment centre to personal organiser. Whether you use your galaxy as a games machine, domestic planner, business tool or a little bit of each, this guide will help you to get the most out of it.

In addition to our expert tutorials, we round up some of the most essential apps that will help users to maximise their S5 experience. We’ve got over 200 reviews covering everything from finance to gaming.

With the help of guide, both new and experienced users alike will be able to get more from the Galaxy S5.

• Expert tutorials take you through everything from initial setup to advanced functions in easy to understand steps

• The guide is designed to cater for users of all levels

• Tons of tips, tricks and useful hints

• In-depth guide to some of the most essential apps available in the Play Store


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