Amigurumi Collection Volume 1 // Issue 1

Amigurumi Collection Volume 1

From: £9.99

Welcome to our colourful compendium of some of the cutest and most adorable amigurumi patterns around, brought to you by Inside Crochet’s team of experts.

Originating in Japan (the word “amigurumi” derives from two Japanese words – ami, which means “crocheted” or “knitted”, and nuigurumi, which means “stuffed doll”), the art of hooking loveable toys and creative characters has gained in popularity over recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a seasoned crochet pro or a newcomer to the craft, amigurumi toys are fun to make and wonderful to give as gifts – or enjoy yourself, of course!

This compilation is a magical menagerie of delightful creatures, with pandas, sheep, bunnies, elephants, bears, chickens and many more all waiting to be made. There are enchanting storybook characters, including a brave knight, the friendly Mr Fox and our favourite heroine, Rapunzel, as well as seasonal projects including the sweetest Christmas star, a friendly little ice cream cone and the ghoulishly brilliant Skip, our very own crocheted zombie.

You’ll also find some clever ideas for turning your cute creations into practical makes, including a sheep wash mitt, a children’s comforter, an apple doorstop and cosy hand-warmers that are perfect for winter.


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